Woodland photography


Last weekend I visited my parents' place. There's not much to do, but there is a nice little nature reserve nearby. 
In the past I've been there a couple of times for photography purposes, but every single time I shot landscapes using my wide angle lens. 
But this time, inspired by guys as Thomas Heaton and Simon Baxter, I wanted to go in and try to capture the more "intimate landscapes".

The fun part about using a long lens is that one scene suddenly turns into a dozen sub-compositions. The hard part is to find a composition worth shooting. I used the compression you get with a long lens to my advantage and started looking for things that popped out. 
Although autumn is almost over there were still some colorful leaves to be found, which allowed me to find some very contrasty scenes. 
I wasn't out early enough to capture the first light, but the low winter-sun added some extra dynamism to the pictures as well by hitting the trees on the side of them instead of being straight on top.
The first picture below is actually a vertical panorama, because I couldn't get the same shot any other way. Even if I had put on my wide-angle I wouldn't have been able to get the exact same shot.

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