About me



I'm a 27 year old city-, landscape and travel photographer based in Ghent.
I picked up my first DSLR (= a 'digital camera' for the photography layman) when I was 16 or 17. The canon 500D would be my companion for more than 6 years, but a while back I switched to the 70D. 
It all started off as a way to freeze those moments in time, to capture memories so I wouldn't forget about them. After all, memories might be the best thing you'll ever have.
But soon enough the camera itself became the object of interest. 
I experimented with different types of photography, in order to understand the capabilities of the machine I was holding.
At the time I moved to Ghent I discovered the beauty of nocturnal cityscapes.
Thanks to my other passion, parkour, I was able to reach places most people would never be able to set eyes on.
Around the same time I started to travel more often, initially mostly limited to Europe, but after meeting my love, Hanne, more exotic places were visited.
It took me some time to realize what I was trying to capture with my camera.
I wanted to show more than just city- or landscapes, that didn't do it anymore for me. My goal nowadays is to draw a more complete picture of the place, to show how life is lived over there. People, nature, cities... All of it together.